Router Password Change

In recent years, there is no longer the home of the Internet no longer left, our mobile phones from our home television from our computers now given the computers of the laptop and other objects that we use as the devices of our devices are no longer an internet connection.

At home we use an internet provider to access these devices. Of course, everyone has an internet connection in their house and they make internet connection in various ways and from various devices. The tool that allows us to connect to the Internet is called a router. It shares the internet line in the house with other devices in our house either wired or wireless.

This is how we change the router password, ie admin password from the router interface.

After registering the necessary settings, it is useful to backup the settings that are valid within the router by entering them with the admin panel from the interface of the router. Because any changes we make here cause the router not to work or connection.

After performing the backup operation of the router, we need to change the interface of the router from the admin panel, ie the admin user name and password, and confirm the required user name and password.

After doing this, the connection with the router will be lost and the interface page will not open. Because the user name and password is old because we are logged in, re-upload the page and enter the new user name and password, we can re-enter the interface so that we have changed the router interface password.

My router interface password is usually admin – admin – admin – 12345 user name admin password in the form of default passwords are entered, and these are actually a risk for us because when we receive a threat out of the default password when we use one of the input will be very simple and threat provider to our knowledge will provide access. For this reason, we recommend that you set the password of the Router interface password from the complex user name and complex coins.

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