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When you are experiencing Internet connection problems, you may need to reset your modem to zero or install a modem from the beginning. The most important information required during this installation is the default user name and passwords. You should know the username and password of the modem brand you are using. We offer all the brands and router login information for you in the following table listing below: 

Actiontec admin
Actiontec Verizon admin
Airties (TTNET) admin ttnet
Allied Telesyn  manager  friend 
Apache root veya setup root
Artes admin adslroot
Asus Admin Admin 
Aztech admin admin
Bec admin admin
Billion  admin admin
Billion Bipac admin  password 
Bross admin 1234
C-Com Gerekmiyor Gerekmiyor
Cnet  admin  epicrouter 
Corecess 3112 usb  admin  corecess3112
Corecess 3113 eth  admin  corecess3113 
Creative admin admin
Dibeg 108 dare 
D-Link  admin admin 
Datron ETHERNET admin admin
Datron USB admin  admin 
Dost GVC admin dostdost 
DryTek admin
Dynalink admin admin
Edimax admin 1234
E-Con admin admin
Eicon Diva 
Everest SG-1400 admin admin
Fishnet AR-1101 (DOPING) admin 1234
Flynet admin admin
Geek admin  epicrouter
Geek admin  geekadsl
Gezz admin epicrouter
Hayes admin hayesadsl
Home Station DC 213 admin admin
Home Station DC 214 admin password
Hicomm admin epicrouter
Huawei (TTNET) admin ttnet
Huawei (Vodafone) admin admin
Huawei (Superonline) admin admin
Inca admin epicrouter
Inca  admin  epicrouter 
Karel admin adslroot
Ladox admin ladox
Loopcom  admin  epicrouter
Link SYS  admin admin 
Mercury ADSL  admin conexant
NetMaster admin password
NetMaster admin password
Quake admin epicrouter 
Onixon root root
Origo Wireless admin kont2004 
Origo admin admin
Paradigm  admin epicrouter 
Pikatel  DSL DSL 
Pikatel (TTNET) admin ttnet
Pikatel ComboMax admin password
Philips SNA6500 gerekmiyor admin
Philips SNC6500 gerekmiyor admin
Pti 840 admin epicrouter
Pronets admin conexant
SMC smcadmin
Sonicwall admin password
Speedstream admin kendiniz belirleyiniz
Speedcom  admin conexant 
SpeedTouch 330 
Tecom root root 
Tp-Link admin ttnet
US Robotics  admin  admin 
Zoom X Serisi modem  admin zoomadsl 
ZTE XDSL admin ttnet

Default router password list that in this columns is the general knowledge in order to learn user name and passwords. They are the most common modem brands and types. In general user names and passwords are similar. Despite the fact that your wireless router brand and type is not in that list, you can try some user names and password in that list for your device.

To reset your modem, you can reset it by pressing a fine pencil tip on the edge of your modem or on the back of the modem with a small reset button. Then you can log in to the modem user interface with the admin and password information in the table.

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