How to setup Parental Control and Web Filtering

One of the most effective and easy ways to achieve parental control is to make the necessary configurations through the router interface. After logging into the router’s admin panel, you can log in to the parent management section to set the spam blocking and content blocking sections as high, medium and low level.

You can also directly block the entry of these sites by typing the sites you want to block manually in the website filtering section.

When you log in to the router interface with like ip address and username-password, the admin page opens. Click on the parental control section here and then save it to be “Parental Control ENABLE“.

In the web filtering section, you can use the highest level filtering if you want.You do not have to block spam, viruses or sites with inappropriate content, you can manually block whatever you want to block, such as popular social media sites, news sites that you do not want your child to enter, from the web filtering section.

 You can set the timing for your filtering using the Schedule button. In other words, you can filter at certain times of the day or on certain days of the week. Thus, filtering will be valid for the hours that your child will use and will not be valid for the hours you will use.Thus, filtering will be valid during the hours that your child will use. All will work automatically.

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