How to turn on Bridge Mode on Router

If you want to connect many devices, you can use the router in bridge mode. For this, 2 wifi routers are required. One should be used as a router and the other in bridge mode. For those who think what is the benefit of this, it is the main purpose to use the gigabit wifi speed for those who want to play videos on different devices.

Thus, you will not experience any performance problems in connection with the devices you use. It is a one-of-a-kind method to extend the wifi coverage at home or office with a single internet.

The first router is installed in the room with internet connection. The router, which is open to the other bridge mode, can be installed in the section with machines such as dvd player, play station and smart tv, and fast wifi can be used.

Steps to turn on Bridge mode

1- Login to the router interface
2- username and password are entered
3-Advanced settings section is selected in the router management panel
4- Bridge Mode active section is installed after the Advanced installation section
5) Then, wifi channel frequency can be changed with wifi name and password depending on your request.
6) Click the Apply button.

Congratulations, you’ve finished! The router in bridge mode will reboot and connect to the other router in a few minutes.

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