The IP address is usually the Ttnet and Airties modem interface input address. We’ll tell you how to access the IP address in our modem configuration with quick practical information about many of the setups, such as modem reset, username, password, Wifi password discovery, Wifi password change, port on and off. The lecture was made via Air 5056 Modem. The general Airties modem interfaces are the same. Introduction to Modem Interface and Installations.

  1. Run the Web browser program (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.) that you use on your computer.
  2. In the address field of your web browser, type which is the default address of the Web interface of your device and press Enter.
  3. The INPUT screen of your device’s Web interface will appear. On this screen you will see a dialog box requesting a password for login. Your device does not have a login password by default. You can log in by leaving the Password field blank and pressing OK. In the Advanced Settings in your AirTies Network Assistant, when you click the Wi-Fi menu (WIRELESS), you will see a list of all wireless clients connected to your AirTies device, grouped by wireless SSID, on the Wireless Connections screen.

The Wireless Network Active box enables the wireless feature of your device to be enabled or disabled. By default, this feature is enabled. Go to Wireless Network Settings under the WIRELESS menu to configure your wireless settings.

The security level can be set in the Security box. WPA / WPA2, the highest security level, must be set.

  • The password for Wireless Connection is set in Password. The password must be at least 8 characters.
  • With the Multi-SSID feature, your device can broadcast 4 different network names at the same time. By default, a single network name is published.

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