How to find ip address?

What is IP Address?

The IP (Internet Protocol) address is the decisive number of a device that uses internet technology for communication in a computer network. The IP address determines which service provider or network the device uses, and what location it connects to the internet. The Internet Service Provider identifies a unique IP address to each device connected to the Internet. The IP address also allows a digital device to communicate with another digital device via the Internet. Two devices with an IP address can interact with each other without being connected to the same network as long as they are connected to the Internet. In addition, access to a website can be done by typing only the IP address instead of the domain name.

How To Find IP Adress?

IP inquiry is a query to determine which location or internet connection is connected to the internet and / or which internet service provider and network is connected to the internet. The IP address of a device can be easily detected by searching the IP address related to that device or by using simple web tools. The IP address is represented by 4 8-bit numbers separated by dots. These numbers, called octets, have a maximum of 3 digits and are not larger than 254.

Static IP Number and Dynamic IP Number

IP addresses are divided into two as static and dynamic. Static IP address; is a permanent IP address that never changes. A dynamic IP address is a temporary IP address that is redefined every time a device is connected to the Internet. Static IP addresses are assigned to the computer manually by an admin. Dynamic IP addresses are assigned automatically by the computer interface or by the server software. IP addresses can also be defined as static by the service provider.

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