How To Router Admin Setup?

Make sure your cable connections are correct before starting your router setup. You must provide a wireless (Wlan) or wired (usually yellow cable) connection with the router when starting the installation.

To access the router interface, open your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Yandex, Internet Explorer), type gelen in the address line, and press enter.

If a different password has already been created, you may need to reset your router to the factory default settings. To return to your factory settings, wait for ten seconds by pressing the reset button of your router and release the button and your router will return to its factory settings.

You have reached the router interface. Proceed with the following steps according to your router brand.

Note: You can also setup your Huawei router by following these steps.

TP-Link Router Installation

Click the Run Wizard button on the pop-up page to run the installation wizard. Click on the forward button in the small window that opens.

Select the time zone according to your location and click Next.

In the third stage, choose the connection type as tercih PPPoE / PPPoA ”and click the next button.

In the fourth step, you need to enter the information sent by SMS to your user name and password fields. If you do not know your ADSL user name and password, you can call the customer service of your internet provider to receive SMS via voice response system or contact the customer representative to find out.

Select the VPI value on the same page as 8, the VCI value to 35, the connection area to ’PPPoE LLC CI and click the next button.

At this point, we will configure the wireless connection settings of your router. The Access Point field should remain olarak enabled Access selected. If you do not want to use your wireless connection, you can check the ”disable Eğer option.

If you want to give a name to your wireless connection, simply type in the ”SSID” field. If you want to create a password for your wireless network, select one of the options in the verification type field. When you do this, a submenu will be opened on the same page in order to create a password for your wireless network.

Enter a password between 8 and 63 characters in the karakter Pre-Shared Key ”section without changing the encryption field and click Next.

Click Next again to complete your settings at the last step. When you see Changes Saved lay on the screen, click the close button. Your router settings will be defined.

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