Samsung Galaxy Buds Live SETUP

Your Galaxy buds headphones can comfortably hear your connected devices and control many settings. You can accept or decline incoming calls and direct the stream of music. You can use your headphones by connecting to your samart TV, mobile phone or tablets. You can connect your headphones via bluetooth. You need to install galaxy wearable application to be able to use the features actively.

With the Galaxy Wearable app, you can stream music, notifications, Spotify integration, phone call, media, touchpad controls, battery indicator, volume controls, Find My Headset, restart or reset your headphones and software updates via Bud Live using Samsung and android platforms.

Device setup and pairing

Setting up and pairing the device is very simple. Download the galaxy wearble app you need to do. Put your ears in the charging case and wait for 10 seconds, then you can turn them on. Find the place where it says Galaxy buds live from the device list section and say “ok”. Your setup and pairing will start automatically.

Using headphones on more devices

Open the Galaxy wearable application. If you want to use the headphones with more devices, turn on the “add device” option in the application. Say Add new device and wait a few seconds. After the device list is opened, press on the device you see in the list and wait until the pairing is completed. Repeat the same process for each device you want to add.

Connecting the Samsung headset to your smart watch

You can match very simply. Make sure that your device’s bluetoot feature is turned on. Make sure the call and media volume of your headphones are turned on. Your smart watch and headphones will find each other via bluetooth and pairing will be completed.

How to wear Galaxy Buds Live

Step: 1 Take it out of the box by holding the top and bottom of the headset.

Step 2: Place it on your ears paying attention to the direction of the headset. The right and left ears must be in the correct position on both, with the speakers placed at the bottom.

Note: If the headphones are not placed in the ear correctly, they will not work. Because their designs are sensitive to touch, it is very important that they are placed correctly.If it does not fit your ears, open your wing tips and adjust them according to your ear.

Earbuds cleaning

If you feel any deterioration or crack in the sound quality of your headphones’ speakers, the speakers or air duct may be contaminated. Earwax may be stuck to the speakers. You can clean your headphones using a thin brush or cotton swab. In order to use your device for a longer period of time, you should clean it periodically.

Things to watch out for when using your headset

  • Keep your headset away from electromagnetic waves
  • Bluetooth range should be less than 10 m. In order to make a healthy connection, connect the devices while they are close to each other.
  • Do not touch the antenna of the connected device. In case of interference with other networks, disconnect the device and reactivate it.

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