V380 Wifi Camera Setup

The V 380 camera is a cost-effective choice among camera systems with wired and wireless connection options for you. Both production and sales of the brand reduces the cost. There are many different purpose cameras available to suit your needs. Some of them are smart wifi cameras, home and office security cameras, indoor and outdoor IP security cameras. With the V380 camera system, you can perform remote home office monitoring and video playback. You can still control your camera remotely. Digital zooming feature, night vision and motion detection feature have developed in outdoor cameras. Likewise, cameras for home-office have night vision and motion detection.

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How to set up V 380 Wifi Camera

First of all, if your phone is android or io s, you need to download the application from the relevant store.

When you plug the power plug into the camera, the camera will audibly inform you that it will start the system and proceed to the installation steps.

When you press the button on the back of the camera, it will give you a voice message that the wifi smart connection has been initiated.

WiFi must be turned on on your phone and make sure you are connected to the internet via wifi network. Start the wifi setup by entering the relevant application. The application will ask for a wifi name and password, and enter them. You will then see that the camera is being searched over your wifi connection.

After that, the device will be connected and wifi connection will be made, and the camera will notify you that the setup is completed by voice.

You can add more devices to the application by saying “add device” through the application.

If you have a problem, how can you fix camera connection issues?

The most common problems users face are wifi not working or wifi camera not connected to router. There can be many reasons for this and the solution depends on the problem. You can fix your problem by trying the steps we mentioned below.

  • You may have entered your password incorrectly, try again carefully.
  • You may be connected to a different wifi network with the wrong or similar name
  • Your camera’s IP address may be wrong
  • Your router may not be on the same channel as the v 380 camera. You can control and edit wireless channels through the router.
  • If the router firewall firewall is turned on, wifi can block the camera connection. You can give specific camera permission on the router. You must define the mac address of the camera on the router.
  • Check the camera antenna. It must be fixed.

Note: The distance between the camera and router is also very important. If there are thick walls etc. that will prevent the connection, there may be a problem in the connection. This distance should not exceed 20-30 meters for the house. Most of the problems encountered are caused by this reason. Since the antennas of the camera do not detect the wifi signal sufficiently, it causes connection problems.

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  1. I have purchased a v380 pro camera it did not com with antenna there is no switch on camera it logs on to WiFi,trying to register is impossible ,as the waiting times to get log is far to long that you get logged out , this interferes and stops setting the thing up at this stage you cannot set up camera for use

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