Mi Home Security Camera 360 Setup

The Mi home security 360 camera is essentially very simple to set up and you can do it in 3 steps. First, download the mi home application from the play store, then turn on the camera and connect to the camera. You will be provided with a wall clamping device and power adapter with the camera.

Mi home security camera 360 automatically activates and starts working when you plug in the power board. The orange light comes on first, which means the camera has been activated successfully. If this orange light does not light up, you can try again by pressing the reset button. If the orange light blinks quickly, the connection is pending. When the light turns completely blue, it means there is a connection. If it flashes blue, it means that the connection is lost.

The memory of the camera with a microsd card is up to 64 GB. Turn off the device first and after unplugging the power cable, insert the microsd card into the relevant part of the device.

How to setup fast Mi Home Camera 360

Scan the QR code or go to app store to
download and install Mi Home app.

Add a device
Open Mi Home app, tap “+” on the upper right, and then follow prompts to add your

Note: Please do not put a light source near the device. The light source should be at a normal distance to maintain image quality. Also, prevent water from entering the appliance and keep it away from metals in the house. Do not close to devices such as microwaves. Make sure the wifi connection is strong so you will be sure of uninterrupted recording.

You can adjust the monitor settings through the Mi home application. You can set up recording for 24 hours, day or night. Thanks to the motion detection feature, when it detects a motion in its field of view, it automatically starts the recording process and sends you a notification.It has night vision capability thanks to its infrared feature and intense image feature.

In order to watch the recordings you have made, you only need to enter the Mi home securtiy kamaera interface and you can watch the recordings at that time by setting the time you want from the time setting bar on the recorded video.

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