How to set up Echo Dot 3rd Generation

First, download the current version of the ALEXA application from the app stores to run Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation. Then plug the device into the socket via the power connection. The blue light of the device will come on and this light will flash for about 2 minutes.

2) Open the Amazon alexa application and add your device to the application from the left menu here. You can start the setup process from the Echo dot section.

3) The blue light that has been flashing so far will turn orange after the installation process has started This indicates that the installation is in progress. After a while, when the installation is completed, you click on your device name to complete the installation.

4) It will be correct to test the device after the installation is finished, but the important thing you need to do before this is to check whether your device is connected to your WiFi network. If your Echo dot device is connected to wifi, then you can test your device by giving your first command to Alexa.

5) Alexa is a very comprehensive and feature-rich application. It would be correct to use a guide to fully use it. Or you can enter all the menus on alexa one by one and try them all and learn how to use them. As a normal user, I would do like this. I would start by learning about the menus you use most, such as listening to music, setting an alarm and creating a playlist.

If you run into a problem with the device or have a problem with the setup, the action you need to do is simple. You can reset the device by pressing the hole on the back of the device for 20 seconds if you can disrupt your previous settings while mixing the settings, not just about the setup. After the reset, all your settings are reset and you need to set up again.

How to set up Echo Dot with Clock

You can edit the setting of your watch by logging in from the setup settings. There is no need to make any special settings for the clock installation, the digital clock will come ready integrated into your device.

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