A9 Mini Wifi Camera Setup

Since the A9 mini wifi camera is a portable and small device, you can take it with you everywhere. You can position and use it in your home, office or outdoors in an unnoticeable way. How to setup the A9 wifi camera and you can find answers to other questions you wonder in our article.

How to Install the Camera?

There are disadvantages as well as advantages in the installation and use of the mini camera. The charge of the camera lasts a maximum of 3 hours. So if you want to record all day long, you should position the device as plugged into the power socket. Or you have to record for 3 hours and charge the device again.

When you buy the device, a magnetic holder is provided. You can stick it on a floor or wall of your choice and fix the camera there. It is a very practical device in terms of use.

How to setup A9 Mini Wifi Camera

To connect your camera to wifi, you must use the 2.4Ghz wifi channel on your router. A9 mini camera works on this channel. In addition, the distance between the router and the camera should not exceed 10 meters, otherwise your connection will be lost. Especially in the first installation, it will be better to install your a9 camera next to your router, that is, when the wifi signal is strong.

  • Find your camera from your phone’s wifi slana and connect with the UID number on the back of the camera.
  • By downloading the hdminicam application from google play, first open an account and give the necessary permissions. Then open the application and say “add camera”.
  • After the add camera process is finished, you start to get live view from the APP.

Other Method: If you want to setup the camera with “remote mode”, open the hdminicam application again and enter the wifi configuration section. Enter your wifi password here. Turn off your camera and when you turn it on again, the connection will be established and the camera will appear online.

Troubleshooting,FAQs and Tips

Tip: When you open your camera, wait for the camera to connect to your wifi network before opening the application.

Tip2: Best app for A9 mini camera is hdminicam , iminicam

Info: In order to better understand your camera, it is necessary to know the indicator lights.

Red light: As long as the USB cable is plugged in, the red light is on, indicating that this device is charging.
Blue light: It flashes when connecting to wifi and stops as a solid light when the connection is complete. If the blue light continues to flash and is not fixed, it means that you entered your wifi password incorrectly. Or it means that the wireless signal area is not quite reaching your camera.
Green light: It means the device is fully charged.

Note: The mini camera comes with a built-in 300mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasting forĀ up to 1-3 hours,

Camera won’t accept my username and password?

If you have changed or forgotten the default information of your camera, you can reset your device and log in with the default username and password.

How can I store video footage?

You can insert your camera external memory card like mini sandisk. You can store the records accumulated on this card by downloading them to your computer.

I pressed the power button but it doesn’t work?

It’s probably low or dead. Charge and use the device. If you are having connection problems, check the wireless network information and bring the device closer to the router. As an alternative method, you can expand your wifi area by using wifi range extender devices.

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