How to setup HD Video Projector

You can easily adjust the connection settings of your HD projector device. In our article, you will learn how to connect your muitimedia devices, camera, game console, TV, Media and DVD player, PC, laptop and mobile phone. Please read our topic carefully for solutions to the problems you may experience with the HD video projector. You can let us know what you want to ask in the comment section.

Another important issue before starting the connection setups is the placement of the projector. In other words, it is where you will position it in the room. The issue to be considered here is where is the socket in your room. The issue after the socket is the distance between the elements and students and the device. To turn on your HD projector, first plug in your power cord and press the power button. Then press the unlock button on the remote.

How to setup your video projector to Game console or Media Player

Connect one end of the AV cable to the projector and the other end to your game console or media player. Then you can select which channel and section you want to switch to with the remote control seeker. You can use the remote control or the digital touch screen on the front of the projector to adjust the settings.

How to setup your HD video projector to PC or LAPTOP

Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the projector and the other end to a PC or laptop. Again, you can open it remotely or from the digital screen and adjust the settings. Laptops automatically switch to hdmi.

You can also connect to PC and Laptops via VGA cable. Press FN + screen switching key to switch PC screen information to projector.

Note: With the same logic, you can also use your projector by inserting your USB or memory card. You can use your remote to manage.


Projector not turning on

Check your power cable, maybe there is no power and the fuse has blown, there is no electrical connection. Alternatively, if the projector fan is running, the device is cooling itself. The device may not work for a while until it cools down, wait for it to cool down.

No image

There may be no signal in this error, check the cable. And make sure you turn on the correct signal source with the remote. For example, with HDMI connection, be sure to select it from the remote.

Blurred image

The lens of the device may not be focused correctly, check it and correct it. Make sure the lens cover is open. Also, check that the angle and degree of the projector, as well as the pitch alignment, are correct.

Maintaining the HD Video Projector

  • The most important thing is to clean the lens. You can clean it with lens spray. Otherwise, you can wipe the lens with a soft cloth by slightly dampening it.
  • You can clean the projector case as you wish by wiping it so that it does not leak water.

Notes on Using the HD Video Projector

  • You can set a password to protect your device. You can set a password by going to the system setup and security settings section. If you have created more than one user on the device, a password can be used for each user in this way. If you forget your password and you may need to contact the place where you bought the device with the admin user password. Therefore, we remind you not to forget your password.
  • Using the device remote control; You can select digital zoom and aspect ratio. You can adjust the volume of the device, freeze or hide the image, turn the microphone and device on-off with the remote control.
  • In the settings of the image quality in user modes; You can adjust the brightness, color, contrast, hue and sharpness.
  • You can turn on the presentation scheduling function in my site setup settings.

Note: You can download the app of that brand from Google Play by looking at the brand of the device you are using. If the device you are using is old, it may not be an APP that you can use its features. If it is a new device, the APP name will be written in the user manual.

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